Monday, August 4, 2008

ZEUS super heavy (17)

Since my Blog was blocked for a few days (supect to spamming), here's a rather large update.

I finished the mount of the VMB (Vulvan Mega Bolter) and the ammo feed.

For ease of playability and painting, the complete VMB and its Ammo Feed is detachable.

Here is a WIP of the ammo drums.

Here they are mounted.

And connected. Now they can feed the enormous ammo hunger of the Mega Bolter.

Next on the list was the secondary engine to power the Vulcano main gun.

I tried to emphasize the steampunk topic more than the traditional bulky 40K theme.

This is the final position of the secondary engine inside the ZEUS.
Next were the items required for the "bridge".
As you can see, I use a real ships helm for navigation.

Next, the engine controls - I can really see the Captain scream "Full steam ahead!"

This is the bridge itself (the soldier is just for scale)

And my favourite:
The main Computer Screen.
Plus some scetches I made for planning.

This will be the final position of the bridge and the screen.
First shot of the screen during painting.

And completed.

Next was the helm. "Sic itur ad Astra" - this is the way to the stars (honor).

That's it for today.
I hope you like the update.