Ghosts in the Rubble

"Ghosts in the Rubble"
Just as the 2nd Squad, 1st Platoon of KG "von Domm" is breaking through an Ork barricade under the cover of their POLEMOS urban combat vehicle, they are ambushed by Orks in their rear.
Hidden in the rubble they waited for the Imperial troopers to pass them before appearing in their back and attacking them with Molotov Cocktails.
As CPT Rittersberg later describes it
"They caught us completely off guard. We were concentrating on the last resistance in the buildings in front of us, when they appeared out of nowhere. Camouflaged in the dark they sneaked up on us and sprung the trap.
They moved through the shadows like ghosts - only their eyes were visible
This diorama is depicting an Imperial Guard attack in the rubble strewn streets of an Ork captured city. While the guardsmen break through an Ork barricade, they are suddenly attacked from the rear, out of the rubble by some Orks armed with Molotov’s.
The vehicle is 100% scratch built.

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