Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Still around!

Hi all,

sorry for the long silence.
I'm still around, alive and well :)
The reason for the absence are these two cuties :)
Luna and Ben on 27th August as they arrived in our house.

I spent some time improving my woodworking and building some "scratch-trees"
Which they enjoy using :)
I also managed to build some toys and cleverness-games for them
By now they've grown considerably - Ben now weighting a hefty 3600 grams :)
And they claim some space on my desk :D
But they are worth any minute

And with November 21st (wife birthday) and Christmas fast approaching it's also time to think about presents.
Since my wife is a huge Dr. Who fan I wanted to try something new and sculpted this little fellow, based on the 10th Doctor.
Sculpted with SuperSculpey

As usual I mix 50:50 the grey "firm" and the skin colored "standard" to get a good sculpting mass.

Pleased with the first character I did another one, based on the 11th Doctor.




As you can see here I started with the 50:50 mix and then finished the finer details with the soft standard SuperSculpey.

They are now ready for painting.

Another project I started is a zodiac sign for my father.
He's "Pisces" or "Fishes" as we Germans say :)

So I did some sketches


and started with a quick sculpt test


 And started with a wire ring

closely observed by Ben :)

And, to keep the schedule buys, I decided to finally paint the dragon rider


So he received a coat of black primer and is now ready to be painted....one of these days.

There are some WH40K related ideas percolating in the back of my head, including the air assault with the HERMES, but they are not yet at boiling point :)
That's it for today.
Thank you for your interest and your patience.
Best Wishes