Friday, July 28, 2017


Thank you all for the positive feedback and messages!
I really appreciate your comments and messages - THANK YOU for your support.

Well, here is part 2 of the build process so far and it covers the steps from 17. July to 24. July.
I had to mix some GreenStuff for the end of the Volcano Cannon and some other pieces anyway, so I used the remainder to quickly shape the cushions for the seats.
While the GS cured I built the gunner position for the turret.
I think it's a nice amount of detail,
for the gunner
and the turret interior.
I also began detailing the turret roof, starting with the hatches.
This is how it would look on the THANATOS.
With the gunners position done I built the pilots positions.
From the taped area you can see that I plan to use HUD (Head Up Displays).
Not sure if it's going to be visible at all...
But I tried :D
With this part of the interior done, I decided to work on the outer engines.
They are pretty much what I already used for the HERMES - just a bit bigger.
In addition to the outer engines I need the landing gear. For this I cut the base first.
Then the pistons to it.
And the landing gear in position together with the outer engines.
This is as far as I got to July 24.
2 weeks of work :)
So what do you think?
Let me know and send some feedback, ideas and suggestions my way.

Thursday, July 27, 2017


Hi all,

this project started already on July 7th - but I simply wasn't sure if I could carry it through for any distance.

But now almost 3 weeks later I'm still at it and even if won't finish it, I think it can be entertaining and inspiring.
So here we go.

The THANATOS Atmospheric Assault Carrier is more or less a pimped version of the HERMES - a bit bigger with some improvements to it. If everything works out as planned it will be part of a diorama attack scene - if not, just a chunk of plastic gathering dust :D

But with the help of my cats it is great to be in the hobby again and be creative and get things done.
So here is Ben helping me with the Chopper.
I was cutting plastic tube pieces which are used as head-rests for these seats.
As you can see by the seats (7 per side compared to the 5 per side in the HERMES),
The THANATOS will be bigger.
With the 7 seats there is still room to spare.
And the isle between the seats is also comfortably wide - 2 abreast can easily fit.
Once I had the basic passenger bay outlined I started to build up the sides
and the ceiling.
The THANATOS will use a front ramp for quick entry and exit.
Since I want to detail some of the interior sections most pieces are not glued but rather taped together.
This is the passenger bay with the built-up sides.
Since the THANASOS is based on the HERMES, which in return is based on the PONOS ( it also needs a superstructure for the cockpit and engine and weapons, and, and, and....
As you can see I'm using a Dream Forge Eisenkern trooper for scale.
The idea is that the first troopers disembarking will be heavy assault troops, followed by lighter storm trooper (Scions), followed by standard troopers (IG).
As you can see here I plan to have a clear window to the cockpit.
Not sure if I can pull this through to have visible interior, but hey why not plan big :-P

So the next decision was a turret on the top.
Here I have the possible candidates:
The PHRIKE turret:
The ZEUS Vanquisher:
The EPIALES turret:
In the end I'm doing something new - as usual :)

Not sure if I will really make parts of the interior visible, but for right no I plan on doing so
Since I don't want to mess with ammunition I decided to go for a power weapon.
Like a Vulcano Cannon...
Could be sexy :)
With the gun in place I started to work up the turret armor.
This last image is from July 17 - so 10 days since the start of the project.
This concludes the first part of the built.
I will post more tomorrow.
Thanks for reading and sticking around.

An Update

Hi all,

well I'm amazed if anyone is still here reading, but hopefully I can recapture my audience.
As some of you know I'm diagnosed with relapsing depression. It's not quite as bad as manic-depressive, but still a bite to chew.
I can usually keep it in check nicely by listening carefully to my mind and body and taking enough time for myself. The creative hobbies do help a lot, but sometimes they can also be the initiator of another depressive phase.
This is usually heralded by a boost of creativity and a frenzy of building, drawing, sculpting and the like. And then...
Just a blank mind, no initiative, no fun, no colors.

If I (or my family) catch the signals in time there are ways to hold the depression in check and get back to a normal behaviour.
If not, well that's the longer route out and in especially tough cases some medication is needed.

In March I slipped into another depressive phase, which wasn't heralded as clearly as usual and so we missed the signs. Luckily it wasn't a deep depression, but it "took the wind out of my sails".
At the time is was working on Allayah and her Fire-Lizards.
Unfortunately it was a lot of GreenStuff work, so I could only do a little at a time and then had to let it cure. This piecemeal work didn't really help me and so she gathered dust on my desk.
As so often I switched to computer games to keep me occupied.
Then a few weeks back I felt a first hobby twitch.
I looked at the air assault scene with the Hermes Air Assault (which I worked on last year in July last).
I started to do some improvements and reworked the scene, but it didn't really captivate me.
And then finally on July 8th the hobby urge was back!
With the help of my cats (this is Ben) I got to work on a new project.
Since I wasn't sure if I would get anywhere I did make photos, but I didn't post anything.
Now, 3 weeks later the project developed to a stage where I can share - and even if I should not finish it, it will hopefully entertain you and provide some inspiration and maybe some new ideas for you.
It is called THANATOS Atmospheric Assault Carrier :)
It's a pimped version of the HERMES - with some new ideas and twists.
We'll see how far I'll get.
I hope to have you with me on this little trip.