Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Can Opener (painting)

Thanks guys,
With all the build complete, I assembled the pieces for priming.

Cpt von Schneider received the base color of Terracotta.

Then the camouflage stripes in Bronzed Flesh

Inner Stripes in Scorched Brown.

Next were the additional dots in Dwarf Flesh.
Vermin Brown for buckles and belts.
Enchanted Blue for the power cables.
First Wash with Badab Black.
Then I used the airbrush to simulate the glow from the muzzle flash.

Then I started with Cut'n'Crush.
Rusty and dusty base color.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Cut'n'Crush Mega Dread (build)

So here is now the build process of the Mega Dread for the CAN OPENER diorama.

Since it has a claw and a cutting blad, it is called "Cut'n'Crush"

DAY 10
With CPT von Schneider out of the way it was time to start with the walker.
Since an important part of the scene will be interaction of von Schneider and the driva, I raided the Orks bits box first.
I decided to use a Gretchin as driver.

Hehe, the head with the goggles actually looks like his eyes are popping out by surprise :)

I quickly build the basic cabin and did a first positioning test.

In ya face!

Finally I created the base for the scene.

For this I used an old PC game case (World of Tanks), and old Leman Russ, and a lot of plaster.

Day 11

The next day I started to mount the arms. As the name Cut'n'Crush indicates he'll have a claw and a saw.
I try to make the position dynamic, with the left arm trying to reach up to the roof.
While the glue for the arms cured, I began with the legs.

Instead of the typical mega dread legs I decided to use chicken-sytle legs - like some of the titans have.

Finally I assembled all pieces, added the hydraulic pistons as well as mounts for the armor plates.

DAY 12

Lots of chopping, hacking, and trimming!

The armor plates nicely beef up the legs. Now they are a lot more in harmony with the cabin.

Speaking of the cabin.

Obviously it will not be an open front cabin (but for photo and display purposes the front cover/face will be removable).

What an ugly face!
One "eye" is ripped out, only cables hanging out.

And a final character for the diorama will be a surviving tanker.

He's wounded and hiding behind the wreck - waiting for a hero :)

DAY 13
And finally I added a whole bunch of rivets.

I mixed a whole lot of rivets of various sizes in a box, stirred them up good, and then applied them as chaotic as possible :)

Ready for priming!


Friday, July 27, 2012

Captain von Schneider (build)

*** Sorry for the posting hickup - I hope it is fixed now ***
This post was originally planned as an "after-competition-build-report". But I just changed my mind, and decided not to participate, and rather share the project with you.
So here we go :)

On July 1st 2012 the Work in Progress forum announced a new competition:
The Summer Of Heroes Contest
The rules are rather simple:

We want you to show us a hero. That's all.It doesn't matter what you play,
just as long as there is a "heroic" character available, we want to see it.

Despite working on the ATHENA and the female characters, my head immediately went to work and after a few days I had a (IMHO) pretty good idea.
Working title is "Can Opener" :)

It will (hopefully) be a duell diorama depicting a heavy Ork walker (the can) and a special IG hero character (the opener) figthing each other.
As hero I'll have Captain von Schneider from the Dencarian III. schwere J├Ąger Abteilung (heavy Hunter Det.). These guys are specialized on hunting and destroying the heavy Ork walker of the Stachelnschweinz clan.
For this task they are equipped with experimental body armor power suits and jump packs.

As usual the build began with a raid to the bits box.

The pose I intend is von Schneider on top of the walker, ripping the roof open with a special power fist.

The other hand will fire a bolter into the opening.

Some minor cutting and glueing.

A Space Marine bolter will the proper weapon for a heavy hunter :)
I filled the gaps with ProCreate greenstuff and adjusted the pose a bit.

Then it was time to let it rest and cure...

Once the PC was cured I went to the task of creating the body armor.

The idea was to build it like a knights armor and for this I mounted some rods that would hold the armor in place.

After I mounted the rods and the glue was cured I began to fill some areas with PC again.
This should've served as good mounting platform for the armor...
Once the PC was cured I cut some thin .5mm plasticcard and mounted it as armor.

This looked not even remotely to what I wanted!

So I scraped everything back off ...

Luckily nothing really broke, so I went to bed, hoping to have a solution the next day.
Back to the drawing board - literally.
I decided that I would sculpt the armor with PC and then came up with this sketch of the EREBOS XMI Experimental Body Armor.
(Erebos is the Greek god of darkness and shadow)
I started with the upper arms.

I even tried some ornaments.

Then he got a higher neck guard (also with ornaments) and I added a first power cord.
Once the upper arms, neck and power cord were cured I sculpted the shoulder armor, tight armor as well as part of the boots.

As you can see I tried to add ornaments or at least rims on the armor.
and power cords :)
I really LOVE the tube tool - I ordered mine at PK-Pro:
It's really easy to use and those tubes, hoses and cords you can create are so handy!

Another night of curing has passed.

Now I added the shin armor as well as the armor for the forearm.
I have to admit he looks a bit Jules Verne-ish, 20k Leagues under the Sea style :)
But I really like it.

The white disks will be painted as gauges.

Whenever I had any PC left I created some more tubes.
Oh, and another muzzle flash! This one will be mounted to von Schneiders bolter.

Almost there! I added some hexagon nuts to the arm and knee joins, together with the armor for these areas. Most likely I will try to mount some cogs on top of these nuts.

I also modified a standard SM jump pack and "steampunkified" it a bit.
I also added his head.
This is the standard IG sergeant head, with goggles mounted :)
Now some curing and then I can work on the Power fist!
The power fist!

The PF worried me a lot as I had to sculpt it from scratch and it had to fit the style of the ERBEROS. Also I wasn't 100% sure about the posture of the hand in relation to the ripped open roof.

After the power fist was cured I added some more details. Lights on top of the jump pack,
some more power cords,

and cogs.

I'm quite happy!

I think this will look great on top of the walker, ripping open the roof and firing the bolter inside.
Next update will be the build of "Cut'n'Crush" -the Ork Walker.