Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Raid on Port Corinth (7)

Hi all,
thank you for the feedback and recommendations.

First I added the exhausts.
I kept them relatively simple, as I have to adjust the lava around it too. But at least I gave them some flaps to keep water (and lava) out.
Next part of detailing were the large hatches on the side.
Mounted they look pretty neat.
The hatches for the crew compartment and lids for the storage containers were next.
I also had the idea of a soldier standing in one of the hatches and providing fire support.
For this I used the Mad Robot Flak Vest Torso, M60 gunner arms, a set of fatigue legs, and a CDF head. 
For the proper leg position I had to do some cutting :)
And after some greenstuffing and detailing with accessories the guy looks really good.
I'm quite pleased.
That's it for today :)
I hope you like today's update.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Raid on Port Corinth (6)

Hi all,
so my first task was to find the proper position and "stance" of the amphibious vehicles.
The first PONOS is to be close to the steps and maybe even a bit of "bobbing on the waves".
With the sides properly built up to simulate the bobbing, I had to apply some putty (not the last time you'll read this today) to cover some of my errors.
But after sanding the hull looks rather nice.
In addition I added some structure to the lava around the two PONOS'
For the second PONOS I decided to create a "support version" with a obstacle breaching gun - or or short, stubby howitzer. For this I covered a part of the passenger hatches to provide a base for the turret.
The first PONOS received an open weapons station, with a twin Bolter, some armor and a mounted rocket launcher.
The launcher is in a stand-by position that hopefully makes sense.....
For the howitzer turret I started with the turret base and a smaller roof shape.
To build the turret up I glued some 1cm high spacers onto the base,
and then mounted the roof.
With the roof in position I could then add the sides.
Needs putty though :)
But I think it is a nice shape, isn' it?
On the PONOS
The first raw gun...
and the final, more detailed gun.
Including some more turret details such as sights and sensors.
Both PONOS' on the base.
To bring some more action to the scene I decided to add a Medic that is jumping from the left PONOS to the steps, to attend the wounded trooper I already have.
For this I used the new Mad Robot flak vest torso and fatigue legs, plus standard IG arms.
He will carry a medic bag, and maybe some more accessories.

Finally I added some storage containers to the vehicles.
Now I will have to add a lot of details, like view-ports, hatches, lights, sensors, and RIVETS!
I hope you like today's update and look forward to your feedback.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Raid on Port Corinth (5)

Hi all,

now that "The Prototype" is completed -
- and being voted on at CMoN - - I was looking for the next project.
I should continue with POLLUX and CASTOR - - as this was the last project before "The Prototype", but sparked by a comment from Colonel Jacka 

 Mind you Klaus has done some beauties I particularly liked the Patrol Boat diorama.

my interest in the Raid on Port Corinth diorama -  - was rekindled.

Upon looking at what I have so far, I realized that the diorama has not the best of all compositions. The THALASSA patrol boat is actually blocking most of the action happening on land.
So I decided to separate the two.
Make a diorama with just the THALASSA - in action, on a lava lake, and maybe firing off a torpedo (or surface skimming missile), with the crew doing some action on deck.
Looking at the harbor scene I was thinking about adding a surfaced submarine, from which the troopers landed and conducted their raid.
The submarine would be low enough not to block the actual action.
But a submarine couldn't realistically come that close while under water (well, under lava). So I browsed through my idea backlog and ran into some sketches and images of an amphibious landing.
Why not add a Amtrac/AAV-7 style vehicle, from which the trooper landed?
Cool idea :)

And as I started to design such an Amphibious Attack Vehicle I looked at the PONOS -
And a big fat grin spread on my face :)
How about a PONOS that delivers the troopers?
Well, not like this, but half submerged?

With this I pulled my old notes, sketches and plans and found a set of plans for a slightly smaller PONOS version.
With this plan I could even fit two submerged PONOS' on the scene - one an Engineer Support Vehicle maybe?
With the plans I was able to quickly cut the basic pieces and put them together.
I even got the basic roof with hatches done :)
And here is a scale shot in comparison to the original PONOS - about 5cm shorter and 2-3 cm narrower.
So, what do you think?
I look forward to your suggestions and comments.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Prototype (finished)

Uff! Done :)
It was a bit of a marathon last night, but I was able to complete "The Prototype".
Here you can see where I started yesterday evening.
I then added more grime and more shadows.
After the shadows I began painting and spraying the light effects.
First only on the walls
Then also on the Siglinde and the other pieces.
After the white lights I added yellow to warmen the light and to simulate the light bulb effect.
The little neon light in the back and on the desk remain white
And the welders got a blue-ish light.
In the light box.
And the final images.
I hope you like it :)
It's been fun - quite a different thing than my usual settings.
I look forward to your C&C.