Wednesday, October 7, 2015

(Chrome) Assassin - Ilse Sturmfeder (2)

Hi all,

process with Ilse was slow, as I had to stop often and at least partially cure some of the clay to preserve details.

Since the last update I completed her left arm.
and finished the hand (with the Lilly cat in the background).
The right arm and hand,
and started with the head.
I found sculpting the head without proper facial features and still lacking the mass of the neck quite challenging.
But once I was pleased with the shape I added a lump of clay and started the mouth.
Mouth and face-shield.
With the rest of the head, including the "eye-slit", it looks better.
Once I had cured the head, I sculpted the neck,
and finally the "ears" :)
Ilse in her (at that time) final pose - sculpting completed.
Next I went to cutting her blades from plastic card.
After a lot of sanding it looks like a blade.
and her final "knife".
For the right hand she got a sword.
I tried to keep the shape of the blades rather curvy to complement her body shapes.
At this point I decided to change the angle of the right hand.
and now she's holding the sword a bit different - which I feel looks better.
After the blue primer I painted her in the very light blue chrome base color.
And then I started to indicate the horizon of the reflections.
This is still very crude.
On the right knee and breasts you can probably see the corrections, where I moved the horizon to better fit the shape and position.
But this now gives a good impression of how she'll look (hopefully).
So, what do you think?
I look forward to your feedback, comments and suggestions.