Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dragon-Girl or "Bian the Red" (4)

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dragon-Girl (3)

Hi all,

as stated in the last update, I was thinking a lot how to create the skin for the wings.
I did quite some experimenting and ended with using ProCreate.

For this I rolled the ProCreate very flat and then rolled it onto a sheet of crumpled aluminium foil and let it cure. 

Once it was cured I cut it into fitting sections and glued it to the wing skeleton.

And then I used liquid GreenStuff to smoothen the seams.

It was a bit of work and I had to do several rounds of liquid GreenStuff.

But I think it was worth it :)

With the build complete I decided to take some "light reference photos".
For this I cut simple candles to a small shape (so I can position it where needed)

and then took photos with the 4 candles in position where the "flames" will be.

I will use these photos as reference for painting her.


Speaking of painting :)
As usual I primed everything black

and then started painting the base.
This time I used a rather cold grey as base for the scene

and added some shades.


Next were the gold coins...
using my usual gold base color.
Just this little batch of coins took me a good hour to paint :(

If I'd have known how time consuming just this base color for the coins would be...


I probably would've tried something else.


All-in-all it took me the better part of 6 hours just to (base) paint the coins.

 Next will be the jewels and gems, plus the piece of cloth on the pillar, and then shading and highlighting according to the reference photos.

Hopefully I haven't bitten off more than I can chew....
I hope you like today's update and I look forward to your feedback and comments.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dragon-Girl (2)

Hi all,
thank you for your comments and feedback.


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Dragon-Girl (1)

Hi all,
thank you for your comments and feedback.

While I'm still experimenting with the finish for the hunt diorama (I think I will add this background),
I already started a new project.
A Dragon-Girl hybrid - the topic was inspired by a contest theme on DeviantArt.

It will be considerably smaller than the last ones, as she's "only" 16cm standing.
Here you can see the armature with the first pieces of clay on it.
The advantage here is that it is fully posable, while already providing some stability.
Next I started with the face.
This is a very new scale to me. Quite larger than any WH40K faces, but a lot smaller than the last ones.
While the heads ( I tried 4 different versions) were baked and cooling off (as seen in the background) I added the wing armature.
Once pleased with the pose, I started to add mass.
I decided to go with this rather alien face and started to add the armature for horns as well as a central piece that will hold (stylized) flames.
A first version of the feet.
The horns and ears for the head.
Then I worked out a bi-handed sword for the girl.
This will make the pose more plausible.
With the head
For the base I have the idea of a round section with her "stash", lots of gold coins and gems.
For the coins I started to punch various sizes and strengths of plastic card.
Mounted the head in final position.
and added a bony ridge to the back.
Worked up the chest :)
And the entire length of the back now has the bony ridge plus a scorpion-like sting at the end.
Well, that's as far as I got since 22nd May (when I started).
What do you think?