Monday, April 11, 2011

300th post!

Wow! My 300th post here :) Thank you all for sticking around and reading, commenting, enjoying (hopefully), and helping. It's nice to have you all around (279 readers is a lot more than I ever wished for too) Well, this week I was able to finish the "Kill Shot" piece. I added the final paint pieces and details.

And then it was time for some more pigments.

When using pigments I apply them with a large and dry brush.

I simply brush the powder to the spots I want them to be.

I add the diferent color pigments, sometime mixing them.

And then I use spitit to fixate the pigments. Usually I use the same brush, dip it in the spirit,

and then I carefully apply the spirit.

Here's how it looked after the spirit was dried.

While some of the other effects and matte finish cured, I prepared my little light box.

And started to shoot away :)

This is not twice the same image - the focus changed :)

I really like how the OSL turned out.

Some details.

I'm not quite sure, but the guys as CMON don't like it - for a while it was at 6.5, which is IMHO not justified. It is surely not a 10, but 6.5!?!

Oh well, sometime I just can't figure how some dudes vote. It has OSL, it has NMM, a unique setting, a dynamic pose...*sigh*... at least it is at 7.1 now...

I hope you guys like it more :) Cheers