Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Ork with the Golden Missile (7)

Thanks for your feedback!
Since the last update I got several comments, that readers are concerned about the colors. Too distracting. 
So I got my pigments ready
and applied them generously :)
In addition I used the airbrush to set some preperational light effects.
and I painted the count-down timer :)
Not sure what it really shows seconds, minutes, days, month? 
Who knows :)
Also the "science station" in the corner got some light effects.
Still, I was wondering why so many commented about the colors.
To me they look very toned down.

But then I realized it must be the images and the camera.
If you look at these two shots with daylight and flash, but not focused on the scene, you can guess the real colors.
I'm pretty confident you agree with me, that this isn't as colorful as you all thought, is it?
I hope you like today's update.
I look forward to your comments and feedback.
P.S.: I will be off the net and out of my workshop for a week. So no updates till Easter.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Ork with the Golden Missile (6)

Thank you for your patience :)
On Sunday the doctors removed the cast and exchanged it for a more flexible dressing - fancy red :)

 I was really lucky, as the infection was very good contained by the antibiotics and slowly but surely the hand is getting down to its normal size again.
Freed from the cast I started to slowly paint the Dr. Nork diorama.
All the rocks are in the orangy-brown that I also use for all the Dencara surface stuff.

Then I started to paint the first metal panels. Since the Dencaran Orks use any kind of scrap metal - including looted enemy armor, there are many colors and camo schemes in use.

Right now it looks very colorful :-P

But the first wash of dirty brown starts to tone down the colors

On Wednesday my right hand was flexible enough to hold some pieces, so I started to add details


I added another two washes of dirty brown and one wash of deluded black.

 Then I added some more details, like these welding seams.


And then it was "sponge time"!


Dirty, messy, gritty.

 I think now it looks quite Orky, doesn't it?

So what do you think?
I will still have to add a lot of metal spots, where the bare metal in the scratches comes through, and maybe some dust pigments....
We'll see.
Again, thanks for sticking around and taking the time to read :)
I hope you like this update and I look forward to your suggestions and feedback.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Taking a (hopefully) short break

Hi all,
on Tuesday I was ready to start priming.
I took all the sections apart, all models mounted on corks, and everything ready.
But in the afternoon we had a veterenarians appointment for our cat Lilly - just a check-up with blood sample.
While at the vet she suddenly got a panic attack and went literally hysteric.
In the process she bit me :(
Bled pretty bad on thumb and index finger, but we had no concerns.
Till Wednesday morning.
My hand was all swollen up, thrbbing, hot, red and very, very infected.
So here I am today :)
I have a small cast-thingie to keep the right hand from moving too much, have to take strong anti-biotics, and have to keep the hand wet from anti-septic...
Well done Mister Fischer.
Here you can see the hand while I was refreshing the dressing and putting fresh anti-septic stuff on it.
As you can probably see, it's still pretty swollen.
The one bite on the thumb is right on the joint.
The doc was rather pleased this morning, so I'm confident it will heal withou mayor complications and I can go back to work and painting soon.
Please be patient :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Ork with the Golden Missile (5)

Hey guys,

again thanks for the valuable feedback!
The diorama is nearing its build completion and I'm eager to get it wrapped up and ready for painting.

Based on feedback from Spacecat I "snazzied" up Dr. Nork.

It will be a white (or rather creme colored) suit and hat with a black tie.
 Based on feedback from Paladin7221 I removed the Space Marine as hostage, and replaced it with an IG officer.
He looks as if to yell at Dr. Nork: "See, I tould you they'd come to rescue me!"
 Not sure if I should hang a sign around his neck. What would you say?
If he's getting a sign, it will read "Hostij - no shoot" (Thanks Harkon Greywolf)

So now all actors are in position.
Note I moved the head first agent a bit to the right, and the Orks got their muzzle flashes.

Anything else?
I look forward to your feedback and suggestions.

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Ork with the Golden Missile (4)

Hello, hello.
I hope you all had a nice weekend with a lot of quality time for you and your hobby.
Thank you all for your feedback and suggestions - great stuff!

From what I can see in the poll, "The Ork with the Golden Missile" seems to be the most accepted title for the dio.

Since the last update I gathered the remaining actors and positioned them on the stage.
This dude here, the boss of the guards will act as "Jaws" from James Bond.
Dr. Nork, the super-villain with his white pet squig.
One of the grots on the ladder - he will get a hammer and wrench instead of the pistol and knife.
The mandatory hostage.
I'm not sure what the sign around his next will say, but I'm sure you have plenty of good suggestions, right?

One of the guards - hit by a shotgun blast.
Speaking of the shotgun!
The Ork on the gantry.
Another grot on the ground.
So, everyone is in position.
Time for details.
Props are in position - finished shotgun.
The guard for the hostage, with an electric zapper and an evil grin :)
The mechanic grot with hammer and wrench
The third grot with a special dodad-tool....
He's looking up, as the rappelling attacker will be right above.
Dr. Nork back from makeup.
And the shotgunner's head.
Special makeup :)
Final props being generated:
Muzzle flashes for the strike team.
And Jaws got his steel teeth! Stainless!
 Time for some rope action.
I started with the head-first rappelling trooper.
Took some extra work to make it look right (but still had to sculpt a mechanic hand)
Shooting on the way down!
The second trooper will come down in a more relaxed position...
shooting at the Ork on the gantry.
He rappelling trooper
 Finished shotgunner
Second rappelling agent - with muzzle flash
Shieldman with muzzle flash
The three muzzle flashes for my Orks.
And everything on the set!
I think I'm quite satisfied!
What do you think?

I look forward to your feedback and suggestions.