Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Rumble in the Rubble (6) - and finished

Hi all,

well, another project finished :)
2 completed projects in a quarter - that's a new record for me :-P

Since the last update I finished the Ork warriors.
And positioned them back on the base.
At this point I started to grow disappointed. Too cluttered, hard to focus.
I lost a bit of momentum and had to force myself to finish it.

So I worked on the Combat Engineers
Which look pretty OK in the end.
And this completed the scene.
Well, lets see if the images in the light box improve the overall appearance of the scene.

The individual parts are good, but the entire scene isn't.
It's too cluttered too hard to focus.

So here are some extra shots of "DA CRUMPAH"
And the W9 engine ;)
Plus some nice shots of the EPIALES.
As mentioned, I lost momentum at the end, and I'm not very satisfied with the scene.
Maybe I started this one too close to the "Raiders of the Lost Light" scene.
So I think I will take a short break - maybe some painting, maybe some computer games, who knows.
But the Scale Model Addict forum will have another "Big Spring Contest" starting in April, so that's when I'll be back at the latest :)

Hasta la vista baby!
I'll be back :)