Tiger Taxi

In late June I began to build a space helicopter for my Imperial Guard, mainly as a display piece.
I wanted to loosely base it on the UH-1 Iroquois, or “Huey” as well as on the Avatar’s choppers. The chopper is to secretly insert IG special forces (the so called Tiger Teams) deep behind enemy lines. Compared to real life, this would be a “Pave Low” mission, and for this the basic color of the chopper would have to be black. To go along with the theme of my IG army I named the model after a Greek God –CHARON, the ferryman in the underworld. The actual display piece would consist of the CHARON together with several members of the Tiger Team and a Callidus Assassin on a section of an aircraft carrier deck, depicting the last briefing and assembling of the team before they launch their night mission behind enemy lines.

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