Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Green Tide II / Hot Recovery (3)

Thanks guys,


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Green Tide II / Hot Recovery (2)

Hi all,

I hope your festivity preparations are well underway and you're not too stressed out to enjoy some hobby time :)


Friday, December 18, 2015

Green Tide II / Hot Recovery (1)

Hi all,

thank you all for your comments and condolences.
I'm very glad to see that so many of you are still around :)

Here's a little photoshop I did of our cats.

They are remembered well, and we both think back of all the good times we had with them. We're still giving us a bit more time, but we're absolutely sure, that we will soon (probably mid next year) have cats again :)

Well, as mentioned, the hobby itch seems to be back :D
The idea bouncing in my head is based on "Stemming the Green Tide" mixed with the "Tomb Raider" fluff section.
An expedition of the Crimson Guards sent to recover a valuable artifact. Not sure if it will be on Dencara or on another planet...
Just as they have finally discovered the sacred item and are about to recover it, they are attacked by Orks.
So it will be a "last stand" type of battle in a temple(?) ruin with the Crimson Guards against Orks.
From a composition point of view there will be a throne like feature at the top end of a long (stair) rise lit by blue-ish moonlight (a beam coming through a crack in the roof?), while the actual fighting, lit by the gun flashes will happen on the stairs below, with most of the Orks attacking out of the dark.

So, with this bouncing around my brain cage, I raided my Space Marine bits box.

Unfortunately I'm no longer in the possession of the Space Hulk throne piece with the dead Marine, but hey...

Still plenty of cleanup and GreenStuff necessary.

Some of the basic fighting poses.

These two in hand-to-hand combat - not sure if it will be a fist fight, or if the Marine will have a sword....

A fallen Marine in his last defense...

This will also be more of a hand-to-hand, close-in pose - maybe an Ork striking down with a big axe.

And (if I can make it look convincing) a downed Marine with an Ork on his back, trying to suffocate or choke him.

Well, this is as far as I got.
I think I will start building up the stairs next, so I can work on finalizing the poses.

What do you think?
Ideas, suggestions?
I look forward to your feedback.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

(Chrome) Assassin - Ilse Sturmfeder (3)

Hi all,
I hope some of you are still with me - with the low frequency and erratic topics rather surprising :)

Since the last update I did make some progress with Ilse.
Slow, but progress nevertheless.

First I started with the brown ground color.

As you can see it's rather crude and often adjusting the draft horizon lines.


It was quite challenging to find the proper horizon lines to correspond with the shape of the body section.


But with each section I grew more confident and understood the process better.



Once I was pleased with the ground I repainted the darker horizon lines, as well as darkening the seams between each body section.


And lots of cleanup and re-adjusting.


But things became clearer with each step.


And then I started to add reflections of the surrounding landscape.

And then we had to put our 17 1/2 year old cat Lilly to sleep.
Not that she was sick, but she got really old and tired.
It took us several weeks to accept it that she had no more fun, was tyring quickly and we were carrying her around more than she walked by herself.
If we let her, she slept most of the day.
It was really hard - actually it still is - but it was really the best for her. Luckily we had some sleeping paste that we could give her, so she slept on my arm while we drove to the vet. She never even realized with was happening and just continued to sleep and with the final injection she crossed the Rainbow Bridge.


For the first time in our marriage we have no pet.
Coming home without a pet waiting is hard.

So we decided to flee for a while and booked a 2 week vacation to Cuba.
It was a great vacation and gave us the much needed distraction and recuperation.

However, when coming back, and looking at Ilse, I always remembered Lilly being around while I worked on her...

So I didn't really find the urge the continue her.
She's now in the cabinet waiting.

But I also have a bit of the hobby urge back...
kinda strange, isn't it?

So I decided to finish some old stuff (for the family) first.
Like this Elephant that needed a rainbow coloring


or this golfer that needed a final go-over.


Into the Mole's lantern I had to install the solar powered LED light,


and complete the paint job.

With this done (over a couple of days) my desk was empty, but I still had the urge to "hobby up something".
I have an idea, based on "Stemming the Green Tide" - not really a remake, but maybe a mix of it and the "Tomb Raider dio" I had started?
Not really sure, but I have made some sketches, looked up images on the Internet and last night raided the bits box :)

So, lets see what happens over the next few days.
Thanks for coming along.