Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween Prank

Hi all,

thank you for your well wishes and positive feedback.

As I mentioned in the last post I was working on a Halloween piece for a contest.
The contest is still open, I decided to post my usual Work-in-Progress images.
The idea for this little diorama is that a boy (a huge Halloween movie fan) is scaring his mother with a flashlight and a miniature model, but at the same time, he's stalked by a massive spider out of his closet.

So I started off with an old Eldar model for the mother and a Tamiya WWII 1:48 soldier for the boy.


The spider is a complete scratch build.
I started off with the spiders head

Next were the mandibles (?)

The base for the legs are from plastic rods

Initially I planned to have the legs with greenstuff and some thin plastic as hairs.

But this proved to be way to fragile, so I re sculpted the whole leg with greenstuff

The completed legs mounted on the body.

Nice little spider :)

Next I began to build the room, with the closet.

Some of the items are just from cardboard, while some are plastic-card

The basic scene.

Next were the additional items, like the bed.

and some other, scattered items.

With these completed I began painting.
As usual with a black base coat.

The room received a wall paper pattern

and some Halloween movie posters.

the wooden doors and wooden base board

I was also able to paint most of the scattered items, but only the base colors, as my shoulder was preventing me from any prolonged painting sessions.

The spider was painted with a brown base coat.

With an airbrush I created the flashlight effect.

And with Badab Black the shadow effect :)

The spider got a striped pattern and some red eyes.

and all of these together.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to complete it within the deadline.

So this is the image I submitted to the contest.

I hope you like this "little" update.