Friday, January 29, 2016

Rumble in the Rubble (1)

Hi all,

thank you for your feedback :)

I'll give it a few days to think about it - and maybe get some additional feedback.

As you've probably noticed the thread is no longer called "EPIALES", but rather "Rumble in the Rubble".
The reason is that's it's not only about the EPIALES, but a combat scene. And as mentioned again in an urban setting - accompanying the "Ghosts in the Rubble" scene. 
"This diorama is depicting an Imperial Guard attack in the rubble strewn streets of an Ork captured city."
While I try not to give too many spoilers on the final scene, I can reveal what the opponent for the EPIALES will be.
An ORK walker - Mega Dread style.
I don't have a name for him yet, but I'm sure you'll have some good ideas :)

So I'll start off with the pilot.
I still had this cool guy from my failed attempt at the DIRTMUNCHA (earth-)Submarine.
But I re-arranged his posture a bit.
Then I started to build a cockpit around him. So now it looks as if he's kind of glancing around.
The cockpit is positioned within a head-style housing.
Then I started to create a body for it. Rather simple Ork style.
But I think it looks sufficiently menacing.
With the basic body done, I went to work on the legs.
Here you can already get a glimpse of the pose I'm aiming at.
Plenty of pistons and hydraulics to make it steady.
Then I positioned the other leg.
And started the first foot.
But I realized it makes no sense to start with the foot, if I don't know how thick the leg will be with all the armor, pipes and other stuff on it.
So now I'm starting to add armor...
It hurts a bit to cover up all these nice pieces and hydraulics.

So, what do you think?
Ideas, feedback, name?
I look forward to hear from you.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

EPIALES Vehicle (1) - a new project

Hi all,

as mentioned in the previous post I have to gain a bit of distance from the "Raiders of the Lost Light" diorama, to be able to judge it more objectively and see what still needs to be done.
But being idle is dangerous to me.
So I had to fill the void - immediately! :)

My wife was on a trip over the weekend, so I had plenty of time.
I knew I wanted to do another vehicle - most likely based on the POLEMOS ("Ghosts in the Rubble") - and I have an scenic idea in the back of my head... but it isn't clear enough to phrase it out.

While thinking of the project, I remembered this base I created a few years ago for an Inquisitor scene that never made it.
Hmm, rather small.
But the POLEMOS isn't very big either.
So I decided to give it a try.
As said, the POLEMOS will be the base. So I dug out the old plans and measurements and started drawing and cutting.
The basic hull.
These images are almost identical to the images of the original built :)
Finishing up the hull.
In comparison to a WH40K trooper.

One thing I decided early was that I didn't want to delve into casting again.
Luckily a follower of my blog (who wants to remain anonymous) did send me a few things, including an old Trumpeter T-55 kit.
I always loved the T-55, it's such an iconic tank and a real warhorse.
So, instead of re-casting the POLEMOS wheels and tracks, I decided to use the T-55 wheels and tracks.
The hull was originally designed for 4 (larger) POLEMOS wheels, but has just enough room for the 5 T-55 wheels.
I think they are a great match ;)
With that decided; I finished up the body work.
But I still wasn't 100% sure what kind of vehicle it would be.
After some brainstorming with my scene idea, I fancied a "Combat Engineer Vehicle".
So definitely a tank sized turret.
Did I mention I hate turrets?
I mean I really love them, but designing them myself is a bummer.
Especially since I tend to make them way too complicated...
But, without hesitation I started to build the turret base.
Mounted a demolition-capable main gun,
And was strongly disappointed...
It looks like a KV-2 turret.
Not really what I wanted.
So I started anew.
The base is pretty much the same - a bit wider maybe.
The gun got a bit longer and the turret lower.
Even though it now has a touch of Sherman to it,
I think it will work.
And the vehicle on the base looks pretty neat too.
Next was the rear section, with the exit ramp.
Then it was the first fiddly part - building the vision ports.
Really, really tiny pieces.
But they are totally worth the effort - I think.
Another mini piece were the hinges.
For this I cut a corner out of the 1.5mm thick disks,
and mounted them to the ends of the rods.
Then another small disk to close it up.
Again, I think totally worth it :)
Time for a group shot.
He looks good between his brothers.
On the left the POLEMOS and on the right the PONOS.
Now that he's part of the family, he needs a name.
Staying with the Greek mythology, I decided to name him EPIALES - the spirit of nightmares :)
Even though I strayed from the Combat Engineer Vehicle I still need a dozer blade for the scene.
So I cut and merged two WH40K dozer blades, and together with the tracks, this looks rather nice, doesn't it?
So, this is as far as I got in 4 days (working almost full time).
Still needs rivets, but I'm not sure if I want to add track skirts.
They look great on the POLEMOS
But I simply LOVE the T-55 wheels and tracks.
So, what do you think?
Does the vehicle look OK?
Track skirts?
Anything I missed?

Oh, yeah, as usual my Guards will battle it out with Orks...more or less the same battle as "Ghosts in the Rubble".
Please let me know what you think.
I look forward to hear from you.