Friday, April 27, 2012

Rear Guard (2)

Todays update is rather small.
Over the last two days I poured the base for the Rear Guard diorama. The floor will be "tiled" with some mosaic patterns on it.
Here you can see the pencil scetch (as seen from the blast door/steps).

Over the better part of two hours I engraved the lines, using the scribing tool visible in the back.
There's a small video on this matter available on Youtube:

As you can see, the main logo isn't done yet, but my fingers were pretty sore last night :-P

And this is how it will look assembled.

You can also see, both pieces don't align perfectly yet. There are still some pieces underneath the steps I need to shave off, to make the two pieces align better.

That's it for today.

The weekend will be very busy with social activites, so I'm not sure if I'll have any updates on Monday.

Enjoy the weekend :)


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rear Guard (1)

Thank you for your comments.
It is nice to see there are still people reading my blog :)
I especially thank you for the condolences.

Well, last night I continued with the "Rear Guard" diorama and built the stage.
For this I used the HIRSTARTS molds I purchased last year for the Tar'Akoona model.( )
I have the molds #41 (Gothic Dungeon Accessories), #43 (Gothic Panel Acceesories), #45 (Gothic Dungeon Builder), #56 (Tomb Mold), and #100 (Basic Blocks Small Mold).

With these I build the arcs for the door,

and the stairs leading to the door.

When combined together it looks like this.

In the finished scene there will be a huge metal blast door in the opening, labeled "Launch Pad 5"
, there will be some access panels, a neon tube light, cables ect.

So these two will be the rear guard, defending the door to the launch pad, while the "rest" will make their escape....from whoever the attacker is (I don't think I will add any enemies, so it will be up to the viewers fantasy).

I hope you like it.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

217 days later!

Wow, I can't belive how long I haven't posted anything here.

7 months and 4 days, or 217 days ago I posted the images on Tar'Akoona. That project burned me up pretty much - lol, it was for the "Summer Heat" contest, so, burned up indeed - and I had to get away from the hobby for a while.
Actually I was thinking about a few days, maximum weeks, but not 7 months!
My appologies.

Well, those 7 months were a constant up and down (just like everone elses live, I suppose), and I wasted a lot of time on the computer, mostly playing Worl of Tanks. Work kept me busy, and me and my wife did a lot of things.

On Easter Monday we had to put Teddy to sleep.
After 16 months.
It was actually over a year longer than the vet had anticipated, and he had a good time all the while. But then he stopped eating, got weaker, and finally his organs began to quit, all within 1 week. Apparently this is typical for kidney defficency.
I'm very, very sad, and it hurts a lot, but I know he's in a better place now, and I know he enjoyed his time with us.
Here are the last two images of him (actually just 3 days before we had to put him asleep).

So we still have our Lilly cat, but since she's already 14 and seems to get along by herself, we will not try to get another cat. It's very different to only have 1 cat, but we're adjusting.

Over the last few days, finally the urge for the hobby started to rise again.
I still have a lot of unfinished projects on my shelf, and the ATHENA will get some treatment soon. But I decided to re-start the hobby with a re-make :)

Most of you will remember this little scene:

So I decided to give this another go, starting from scratch.

Currently the two are part of the large "Defense of Xanthium" diorama, with a lot of action on it. I feel like it is loosing much of its appeal in the crowd.

So this time I will make them as a small stand-alone scene - working title is "Rear Guard".

So I started to chop apart some Sisters :-P

Carefully sawing her head off, without ruining any details.

Took almost an hour to get it off.

Here are the various body parts that I will use.
Have I told you how I HATE working with metals? :)

Also the brother needed some extra work.

Including the removal of his base.

and a different gun arm.

I attached the sisters arm with a pin, and the legs with Greenstuff (actually Pro Create).

The head is also pinned.

The position is already a bit different - mainly the position of the head - but I think it will work out.

Once the ProCreate is cured I will start with the right arm, holding her abdomen wound, and the new tabbard between her legs - this was actually the piece in the original that I liked the least.

Hopefully I'll have another update soon.

Thanks for your patience.

It feels good to be back.