Tuesday, September 9, 2008

ZEUS super heavy (19)

Today it's just a small update.
These images show the individual sections of the ZEUS, so you can see, that I can still access all the interior parts for building.

Here is the mount of the Main Gun.

The Main Gun's turret, as well as the hull section that contains the bridge section.

Added some more ornaments.

I have to watch out it doesn't look too much like a Chaos vehicle.


Monday, September 8, 2008

ZEUS super heavy (18)

Wow! I can't believe it's allready a whole month since I last posted here.
I had to overcome some personal morale checks and disappointments, as well as I was working on some other stuff.

Well, I definately got my fingers sticky with some greenstuff, while attempting to get a crew for the ZEUS. I am half way satisfied with the result, but not yet at a 100%.
As I don't want to hold up the further process on the ZEUS just for the crew, I decided to skip the internal build for a while and complete the outside.

So, here we go:
Here you can see for the first time the complete weapons layout.

The two small AA turrets, the Main Gun, the two Vanquisher turrets, and the Vulcano Mega Bolter.

The rear is still missing a lot (like the ramp ect).

Nice, huh?

Then I added some engine exhausts/turbines

And first details and ornaments.

There are still a million of details to add.