Thursday, June 21, 2018

In the Dragons Den (5)

Hi all,
so with the idea of the night before in mind, I created some ribs or vertebrae in PPT and printed them.

I then glued them onto the plastic card with Fix-O-Gum - a temporary glue - and cut them
After cutting them all out I glued them onto the prepared spinal column
While these cured on place I worked on the first leg.
As you can see I did spent some time sketching the function of the joints
It is a cat-like rear leg.
And then I built it from plastic rods and tubes.
 I think it looks quite good - currently it reminds me a bit of a T-Rex, doesn't it?
So what do you think?
Any ideas or suggestions?

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

In the Dragons Den (4)

Hi all,

so I decided to take on the Steampunk theme and our little heroine - Tomb Raider much? - received the appropriate clothes.

And accessories
With boots and belt
and doo-dads 😀
Too bad, most of this won't be visible ...
Next she received a "power-pack" and a lantern.
I think the lantern does meet the Steampunk theme - don't you?
And a special rapier - with cog and power cable...
I'm pretty pleased with her - boots still to do...
So I decided to give the Steampunk dragon, clockwork dragon a try.
This is the bare skeleton
Here you can see the "heart" of the dragon as well as the feet.
The first feet mounted
And pretty much in the planned position.
To flesh it out, I cut some "ribs"
And tried to mount metal scales...
Naw, that didn't work...
The scales are too thick and big
So I gave it another try covering it with thin plastic card
But this isn't looking convincing either.

I had an idea last night that I will try tonight. But if you have any ideas or suggestions that you want to share - I'm all open :)

Friday, June 15, 2018

In the Dragons Den (3)

Hi all,
last night I decided to head down the Steampunk route.
So she got some high boots - note the actual "shoe" is still WIP
Belts and accessories
With cogs and stuff.
Too bad that the front will hardly be visible in the end...
I'm still not 100% sure how this scene will develop. This time I just let it flow, no real plan, just flying be the seat of my pants, following intuition 😀

Since I'm now on the steampunk path, I will give her a lantern/flashlight in the left hand - probably a lantern, as a flashlight doesn't give the (OSL) required all around light needed for the scene.
She'll most likely get a holstered pistol, and a drawn rapier in her right hand.
I don't want to abandon the idea of a companion or Fire Lizard. But since I can't have it sitting on her arm I'm thinking about adding a mechanical beast.
A mechanical dragon (thus clearly showing it belongs to her) that already lumbered past and is now startled by the growling of the real dragon and whips his head around to look back...

What do you think?

Thursday, June 14, 2018

In the Dragons Den (2)

Hi all,
based on feedback from the various forums I decided to give her some clothes 😉
The sculpting of the clothes happened without a real plan
and she quickly got a pirate-ish look.
I actually like it and can totally see her wearing some high boots.
Right now I think I have several options with her.
I could continue the fantasy Pirate/Rouge/Thief path or head in a more Steampunk-ish direction.
As you can see in this last image I plan to have some (rays of moon) light to come through the holes in the ceiling, but additionally the dragons eyes (and maybe nostrils) will provide a glow in the dark.
The wall on the left could potentially be a painted background again providing the illusion of a longer hall with more columns occasionally lit by rays of moonlight...
So our heroine will have a torch/flashlight/lantern to provide the main OSL light source.
I love the suggestion of a "dragonette" or Fire Lizard on her arm or shoulder, which could be the reason the dragon is not immediately attacking...
But since she'll be pretty much in the position and pose as in the last image, I'm not sure how to incorporate it...
UNLESS she has her sword or rapier sheathed and carries the light in her right hand, balancing the Fire Lizard on her left forearm...

So some ideas to throw around and tinker with.
I look forward to your feedback and ideas 😀

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

In the Dragons Den

Hi all,

I did continue a bit with "The Guardian" and laid down the foundational colors for her.
But then I got in doubt on how to proceed - especially with the background. 
Currently I have the feeling that too much of the background is blocked and that I may have to widen the box and thus the opening far maybe a centimeter or two...
I'm undecided.

So that put a stop to the project and I was doodling around, playing PC games and working in the garden instead.
But the itch is there, just not for "The Guardian" - yeah, been there, done that. I know, I know.

And when I don't know what to do, I do what I usually do ;)

For a while I wanted to do a scene based on Michael Whelan's "Filed Teeth"
So I started to sculpt a dragons head.
I always enjoy working on these creatures.
So many options and ways to do a dragon.
I decided to give him a menacing frown.
At least on one side - Elvis anyone?
And to make things more fun he got some more spikes (made from GreenStuff)
And scales
Once he was fired and the rough corners brushed off, I started with the arms
I'm aiming for a similar pose as in Whelan's image
But since I won't have room for the wings I decided to add his tail
To provide a sense of size for the beast
I still have to detail the paws with GreenStuff
After he was fired I started to work on the den
And I created two columns from Stewalin
Again to emphasize his size
So here he is - BTW, no name yet...any ideas? - sneering at the intruder
Ah yes. I have another Hasslefree "Female Armature"
But she's way to skinny for my taste. I'd like her to be more Frazetta-esk, like in this image
So I began to bulk he up with some more GreenStuff
And this is as far as I got over the course of the last two weeks.
So what do you think?
I'm also thinking about her carrying a sword in the right hand - but what about the left? A shield, or rather a torch?
Almost naked like on the Frazetta image or in leathers?
I look forward to your suggestions and feedback.
Thank you!