Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Princess (7)

Hi all,
thank you for your feedback and comments :)

Since the last update I added one more set of patterns to the rear drapes.
Simple stylized dragons.
Once the two Watch-Wher's sit in front the drapes will be hardly visible.
Speaking of the two Wher's.
My plan was to make them "bronze" colored.
After three coats I had a halfway decent base color, together with the blue eyes.
Getting the first shadows on was also relatively easy
But somehow I couldn't get a decent and even color coat - it always looked dirty or smeared.
So I decided to remove the paint completely!
It was quite a mess, I can assure you.
But then I finally got them completely color free.
And gave them a new matte black base coat.
And changed the color setting completely.
Now they are blue.
Shades worked out better this time.
To give me a better impression how all the color will work together in the end, I decided to give the princess a fist coat of skin color.
What a change!
And with the little Fire-Lizards - but they will hopefully be bronze colored!
Cross your fingers for me.
So after the shadows I started to add highlights.
And then the second Wher was painted.
I'm quite pleased with the blue skin and they work with the other colors.
So what do you think?
I look forward to your comments and feedback.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Princess (6)

Hi all,
thank you for your kind comments.

Here's a close-up to show you that some of the rugs and drapes do have a textile structure.
And once I apply the first wash, I'm sure it will be a lot better visible.
Even though this looks pretty nice, I'm kind of thinking that the various patterns and colors may be too "wild"
So I repainted the two out most drapes in red, together with the central piece - yes, the blue floral piece is gone...but at least the central blue with the hard-core pattern is still there :)
Then I started to add the ornament pattern to the first pieces of the central arrangement.
I'm not sure if I'll do the pattern also on the other pieces...
any thoughts?
I think it looks a lot better now.
So what do you think?
Better with mostly red? Shall I add more patterns to these red pieces or leave them uni-colored?
Thanks for your comments and feedback.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Princess (5)

Hi all,

thank you for your feedback.
@Joe B  - yes, I agree and I'm very aware that the rest of the throne panel looks rather pale. I was thinking about adding some structure or pattern, but currently can't really think of anything fitting...
I will probably have to wait to the end and see how it will look, once some more highlights are added to the blue gems and the "feathers" - Thanks mate!

Well, current progress is rather slow.
But I managed to work on the carpets. I have the base colors and patterns down.

Even without light and shadows I think they already look great in the scene.

I also started to add patterns to the sheets on the ground.

This pattern was really hard-core (I'd never do it again) and I still have some clean up to do.

But in the scene the result looks worth the effort.

Now I have to decide if and what kind of patterns I will add to the other sheets.
Looking at this image, you see there are still two furs, a small shield, and the sheets draped around the throne.

What do you think?
I look forward to your comments and feedback. Suggestions welcome :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Princess (4)

Hi all,
back from my workshop in Philadelphia PA.
I had a surprisingly enjoyable trip with Lufthansa - in an Airbus 340-600 where half the seats weren't booked (both ways), so lots of room :)
And the Lufthansa personnel is a LOT more friendly than the US Airways dragons.
It was also the first time I used a smart phone app to check in and get my boarding pass the day prior. Really cool.
Worked like a charm in Frankfurt (departing).
But in the US airport of Philadelphia it didn't (*grin*). They had to print a paper boarding pass - "this (electronic boarding pass) is no good here" - High Tech *lol*
Well, I'm back in my timezone, no jet lag, so time to get back to work on the Princess.
Since the last update with the still rather flat golden parts...

I worked some more on the golden wings,

slowly giving it more depth and temperature.

I think this looks pretty good now. I will probably add some final highlights and shadows with the airbrush when I set the real light and OSL effects.

Next I painted the golden ornaments for the backrest.

Even the scales turned out nicely.

Last night I worked on the remaining golden ornaments at the front,

and painted the highlights and shadows of the cloth on the throne.

Combined with the platform,

and with the Princess seated.

I hope I can finish most of the throne today or tomorrow and will then start with the carpets.
So, what do you think?
I look forward to your comments, feedback and suggestions.