Friday, August 3, 2007

3d. Kratos Airborne Assault Gun

The fourth vehicle of the Greci vehicle family is the Kratos.
The Kratos is an Airborne Assault Gun and is also based on the extended Greci chassis, just like the Tisiphone.

First I printed the plan I had made up fo the individual parts on a sheet of paper, and then I used a rubber cement (I use "fixo gum") to glue it to the plastic card. The rubber cement is a temporary glue that can be removed without any residuals.

Within minutes all the pieces are cut and ready for assembly.

Here is the basic hull of the Kratos. You can see the opening for the exhaust and the one for the rear ramp.

This is the first layout of the Kratos top.
(ltr) Engine vent, Gun mount, vision slit for driver.
In the roof are the openings for
(ltr) Gunner-, driver-, ammo-, and commander-hatch.

And the first pieces for the interior. Most of the driver station is allready in place.

UPDATE (06. Aug)
Gun mounted.
Due to the limited space, the Kratos gun has no direct feed, but a special breech loader.

Gun mount/mantlet from the outside

Drivers vision slit

Drivers station with basic paintjob

Added storage for the basic ammo load

This is the Loaders station

with folding seat

And basic paintjob

UPDATE (08. Aug)
And finally the Gunner/Commanders station:

Next was the roof with the 4 hatches (Driver, Loader, Commander, and one for fired casings :)
Plus the vision-blocks and rivets and the rear ramp.

The hatches do open

What's still missing is an optical side for the main gun, that will be placed on the right side of the gun mount, plus the rear lights and rivets for side and rear.

And, of course, the suspension, wheels, and tracks.

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