Wednesday, June 4, 2008

ZEUS super heavy (1)

As mentioned, the ZEUS is my newest project, and represents a super heavy (similar to the Baneblade) for my Dei Greci Imperial Guard.
I call it actually a "battle fortress", as it is not only huge and has a lot of weapons, but it also transports some infantry and maybe even a vehicle.
So here's my first planning scetch for the ZEUS:

As you can see, the front will host the two engines, seperated by a Demolisher gun. Behind the engines will be two turrets with Vanquisher armament.

As coaxials for the Vanquishers, it will have tow autocannons for which I scratch built the barrels.

Here's a first try at a fast attack vehicle (project name Buggy), which may be transported in the ZEUS.

Here is the base plate (this time 5mm plasticard) with the side walls (normal 1mm pc).

The first version of the Demolisher gun (this is actually a leftover of the Tisiphone project).

Building the interior
Since this will be a rather big vehicle, and it will have some openings, I want to build a good interior for it. The plan is to have the upper part of the hull removable, so the interior can be looked at completely.
For the Zeus I'm taking a big dose of Captain Nemo and its Nautilus as well as a rather large chunk of Steampunk to create the interior.

This means many rounded support beams, pipes and rivets.

This is the operators station for the left engine.

Since I won't be able to get to all the parts later on, I'm immediately painting it. The main paint scheme is black with lots of brass and gold.

Here you can see a size comparison with a standard Chimera.

Here are now the pieces for the right engine operators station.

together with the scetch.

:-) Nice, huh?

This now is the turret basket for the planned vanquisher turret. It is built out of the bottom of a pills bottle.

With lots of moskito netting I've built the elemts for the gallery, which will go around the loading bay of the ZEUS.

Here you can see the side "door", which will be the connection to the track section, in which the infantry will be hosted (that's going to be a rough ride for them), as well as the sponson weapons station.

The Demolisher Gun

Here's now the reworked Demolisher gun. For its barrel I used Ultramars barrel rifling tip ( and I'm very satisfied with the outcome.

Here you can see the gun mount as well as the gunners station for the Demolisher.

And all incorporated between the two engines.

Since the Demolisher has big ammo, I decided to also build a little "ammo rail" with which to transport the ammo up to the gun :)

Cool. isn't it?
That's all for now.

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  1. That is brilliant! I really like the ammo rail and the lightning thing on the instrument console. Keep it up dude!