Friday, May 22, 2009

New project: Code Name ATHENA

First off, I want to thank you all for your support and good wishes, as well as suggestions.
Fortunately the block was just a short gasping for air ... or maybe a bit more lazyness :)
Anyhow, I took a short break, read your comments and blogs ...
A huge THANK YOU to Sidestreaker from Byzantum Empire for his supportive post :)
In addition the rates for Hektor and Lenin on CMON ( ) recovered to a solid 7.6 from an original 6.2. And that's a score I can live with :)
I watched some movies with my wife, googled a lot, listened to new music, and ran into many ideas that sparked my interest. I had and have sooooo many ideas for projects, that I don't really know where to start *giggle*
Well, durning my latest journey through the vastness of the electronic universe I ran into a music group called Abney Park ( a so-called Steampunk band :)
Just my topic!
One of their songs is "Airship Pirates" - I mean just the title allready sparks sooooo many ideas, doesn't it?
Well you know what happened, right?
Right :)

Dencara needs a Steampunk airship!

Here are the first scetches I made for it.
It will have two "Jump Decks" from where airborne troops (aka Paratrooper) can be launched, as well as a large variety of weapons. Maybe even a launch pad for an Interceptor plane....we'll see.

I started off with the Jump Decks to get the scale. It will have to have room for 8 troopers, so i placed 8 bases and calculated size from there.

This is the first piece of plasticard, with the bases and a small turret (from the ZEUS) that I will use.

Then I produced the interior walls and doors for the sections.

And mounted them.

Here you can see the "roof" on it.

A Stormtrooper and the turret for scale.

Luckily I still had some casted seats form then ZEUS left over, so I started on the seats for the Jump Deck.

With some bars that will holde the troopers.

And then it was time to give the side walls a first try.

I will try to maintain the 40 gothic look together with the steampunk theme.

The two sides, with the holes that will mount the turrets.

then some ornamenting and first rivets.

Since there are some areas that I won't be able to access again once the sides are mounted, I began to build these.
So these are the interior walls for the central turret section - they will be hardly visible, but through the one open door, one may get a glimpse at them.

Then I painted them quickly in the same pattern as the ZEUS interior.

And mounted them.

All pieces of this lower deck together.

So, this is the first part of ATHENA, another insane Dei Greci project :)