Thursday, November 11, 2010

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (73)

Hello, hello!
The 265th post in this blog - thanks for your patience!

@darthrex354 - well it is a kind of a zeppelin, but it will also have 4 engines for altitude (those are on the 4 shorter, stubby wings in the center) plus it uses Anti-Grave technology to stay afloat...or as Eltnot says: "it levitates just because it is awesome" :)

Well, it seems the new radar and sensor array really evoke differnet opinions. I do agree that the new bridge has a more modern look and feel to it, especially the new radar bridge. But on the other side, the angles are almost identical to those I used on the ZEUS. But I really think the paintjob will make the difference in the end...
We'll see.
Anyhow, I did continue and added the cables to the sensors and radar.

To the front I mainy added rivets and a parchment for a scroll.

BTW, I was asked about templates an plans...

...really not much of a plan or even template. Sorry.
Hte last major item for the bridge is actually the stack area with the chimney.
Here is a first mock-up test.

and with the two chimneys.

I received some ornaments too.

Here is another rear view.
She will NOT receive an hangar. It will only be a landing platform and some hooks.
This will give me a large rear wall area, that I can use for a big painting of Athena :)
But at the first level you can see the two angled sides, these will receive doors - kind of a small hangar, but not for the large VTOLS, rather for small drones (shamelessly stolen from Tinners at WIP -

Finally some shots with the Hydras in place...

I hope you like it.