Friday, February 11, 2011

Boz o' da Dakka! (Ork Attack 4)

Hello guys,
as mentioned in one of my previous posts, I did participate in Dakka's "Deathwatch Killteam competition".
Finally the competition and voting is up:
Swing by and check out those stunning entries. It is anonymus, but maybe you can guess which one is mine :)
As soon as the voting is over I will post all the WIP and detail images.

Also I'd like to point you to the Sons of Saguinus, where Atreides scratchbuild/converted a very nice Vendetta inspired by my Charon:
I really love the result!

Back to the Ork Attack then.
@Darkwing: Yes, that's really the idea of the scene (and the title "Boz o' da Dakka" - Leader of the Attack).
While everyone looks at the huge boss, and maybe at the 3 charging Orks, the little Ninja sneaks up on the enemy and attacks them.

@Malevengion: Yes, that was the idea with the multi-colored plates. Since he's leading the Waaargh on Dencara 5, with many Orks from various clans joining (for fight and fun), he also carries the ornaments and colors of the various clans.

I did tone the colored plates down a bit more and started with the Dark Angel.

I'm quite pleased with the result.

Note the dull red eyes, they are no longer glowing and shining.

And everyone staged on the diorama:

There's still some detailing, weathering and clean-up to do, but most of the work is done :)

I hope you like it.