Tuesday, May 29, 2012

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship

Thanks guys :)
@2501 - yes I thought about using magnets, but some of the pieces are too big (and are over time a bit warped) so that magnets won't be able to hold the things together good enough.
But depending on how successfull I'll be with the LED lights, things may remain visible enough...we'll see :)
@Jeremy Webb - thanks for the link! Some of those kits look very promising.
@Shadowvast - I think you talk about the same kits, so thanks to you also :)
I will definately look into the LED sets.
Over the last view days I began to paint the interior of the bridge and the conference room.
Here I applied the first base colors. As you can see I try to use the standard greenish grey used in most military interiors.

The rear wall of the conference room is Scab Red and the griffin is golden, while the ornaments are all kind of brazzen.

Here I applied the Dwarf Bronze around most instruments, hopefully giving everything the proposed steampunky look.

Then some more details on the instruments and screens.

And finally the wear and tear.
As with the original island, I go for a quite worn look.
The ATHENA is just coming towards the end of a long and tyring campaign against the Orks. She's not spitshiny :)

The conference room looks slightly better, less worn.

Then I began to work on the holographic projector.

Here you can see the glow around the edges.

And then I painted the actual display. Starting with Snot Green.

Next some deluted Goblin Green around the lines to give it a washen or glowing appearance.
And finally some fine lines in Scorpion Green for the real bright areas.
Together with the briefing crew.

Lastly I painted and added the central console.
This is now pretty much it.
Next will be to paint the actual Servitors and the (newly built. not photographed) Tech Priest to complete this section, so I can go on the new adventures on the outside of the ATHENA :)
I hope you enjoyed this little update.
C&C welcome.