Monday, September 17, 2012

Orkalypse Now (13)

Thanks Werner - always nice to hear from my peer bloggers.

Since the last update I was able to complete most of the light effects on the troopers.

Ready for the Flamer...


So with the troopers in place it is time to crank up the airbrush and get started on the PONOS camo.

I'm pretty much following my steps from the HERCULES and started off with Terracotta, followed by Ocre for the camo stripes.

Then dark brown for the inner stripes. I had quite some issues with my airbrush and it took very long, I created a lot of splatters...I was really ticked off :(

But the result looks promising on the base.

After the airbrush camo was done I created the small camo dots with Dwarfen Flesh and Smokey Ink.

Then I started to outline the Monster Hunter logo for the PONOS hood.

And finally I cleaned-up the tracks and applied a fresh coat of black.

Well, that's pretty much as far as I got.
I will most likely continue like I did with the HERCULES: