Thursday, February 28, 2013

Project: MARS

Hi everyone,

currently there is a short seasonal break in my arts classes as we switch from drawing to painting, and my drawing esprit lost a bit of its momentum (as usual).
So I have a bit of time on my hands that I need to waste. I'm not sure how much time I'll really have and if it will be enough to complete a project (be warned), but I'll try...

I didn't really want to pick up any of my never ending WIP projects but rather start something new (also as usual)

Normally I'm not a fan of walking tanks.
Well I did "Da Spida" for my Stachelnschweinz Orks, but somehow I never thought of walking tanks for IG would be a good idea.

But something inspired me and got my thought process moving into that direction.
So I scribbled some notes and plans down.

The idea is closely aligned to the HERCULES, as I want to use a similar turret as main armament.
So it will be larger than the HERC, but still smaller than the ZEUS.

So between ZEUS and his son HERCULES would be...

Again, using the HERC turret as a guide I started sketching the hull shape on a sheet of plastic card.

 Cleaned up some meassurements...

and started cutting (1.5mm plasticard as the base)

And recreated my notes a bit cleaner.

The hull will have a lot of angles and different shapes, so I start with just the very basic build, to leave me a much freedom as possible for later stages.





All the main markers in place.

Side by side with the HERCULES.

So next I will have to determine the height and length of the legs.

Armament wise the MARS will have the twin Vanquisher turret from the HERC, 1 or 2 AT-Missile launchers on the side of the turret (like the TOW launcher on a Bradley), two rocket launchers on the hull, 2 Flamethrowers on the front hull, and most likely some Bolters on the sides.
I am considering a Demolisher gun for the nose, but will have to see how it looks.

So, what do you think?