Tuesday, September 3, 2013

ATHENA - Steampunk airship (105)

Hi all,
sorry for the lack of updates, but I was plagued by a series of strong migraine attacks over the last two weeks. Seems the re-organization at work is stressing me more than I imagined.
Oh well.
But I was working on another small freehand for the ATHENA. This time on the top of the bomb chute.
As mentioned before, I will try to keep the imagery limited to Athena herself. So this time it is a kind of portrait.
I started off with some raw pencil lines.
Then the first basic colors with very limited shading.
Skin color
Then detailing it out a bit more. More shades for the face, shades for the metal of the helmet and a bit of highlighting for the golden parts.
The finished portrait.
I wanted her a bit "cold" maybe even frowning, and I think it worked.
I know she's a bit lopsided, but that's from being left-handed and the wing on the left limiting my workspace.
You can also see that I messed up the helmet on the left, smearing some of the yellow color.
But hey! That's what we have damage and scratches for, right :)
I like the way she now looks on the bobm chute cover.
There will be a coat of Devlan Mud and later with the rest of the ship there will be more soot and grime.
I hope you like todays update.