Monday, February 17, 2014

Pollux and Castor (4)

Again great feedback here and in the other forums!
Thanks allot mates :)

Now that most decisions are done, the basic skeleton build complete, I was able to look at the actual "beefing up" and adding armor.
For this I wanted to keep the 3-sided (or 6-corner) approach that I also used on the carapace.
The first section of armor plates on the thigh of POLLUX.
And on both walkers (they now look a bit like Dutch Ice Skaters :) )
The first armor plates for the shins.
Here you can see clearly the difference with and without shin armor.
While the Green Putty cured I added a shield to CASTOR.
The putty sanded and cleaned up.
As a final detail I added a plastic card ornament to the shield.
And then it was time for rivets - plenty of rivets :)
And POLLUX with rivets - did I tell you how much I like his pose?
No, I LOVE the pose :)
POLLUX and CASTOR completed!
So, what do you think?
Do they look Imperial enough?

Now I will start to look into the other combatants and the actual construction of the street and buildings. So I will browse the Hirst Arts gallery ( for some inspiration.
As opposing combatants we'll have some Orks. I have the idea of an Ork emerging from a sewer manhole and firing an RPG-style rocket launcher, but I still need a bigger opponent, worthy of POLLUX or CASTOR.
Maybe a tank or a emplaced gun (no walker, as I've already done some Ork walkers :) )

I look forward to your C&C and suggestions.