Friday, January 30, 2015

The Princess (3)

Hi all,
thank you for your patience and sticking around.
Since the last update I finished the little fire-lizards and sculpted their wings.
The wing-skin was done with Pro-Create as it is less sticky and easier to roll out flat.
Then I used a bit of liquid GreenStuff to fix and smooth details I wasn't pleased with.
The pieces ready to be primed
And the Princess for the first time in one color :)
I really like the way she turned out.
I decided to start rather anti-climatic with the floor...
Initially the inlay in the marble floor were sandy colored.
But I feel the more colorful red and blue suits the scene better.
The little balls I have scattered across the floor will (hopefully) be little light globes that shed additional light.
Since the throne will be mostly golden I started to apply the base coat.
I hate yellow-based colors.
I needed 4 coats to get a halfway decent color.
The central section of the wing will be made of blue gems.
And the central piece will be a huge red gem.
Next were the cushions and little bands on the seat and armrest
With the Princess on the throne
Next were details to the gold. Scales for the backrest and feathery details to the wings
That was an evening all by itself - cramped fingers and tired eyes...
Then I applied of sepia wash to even the golden colors
The floor got some dark washes and shadows to start the light effects of the little globes
Seems to work :)
Next evening I did the central gem and started the blue wing gems.
Somehow I always manage to clutter my desk and limit my working space to an absolute minimum
Last night I completed the blue gems.
So this is how she looks as of this morning.
I hope you like today's update and I look forward to your comments, feedback and suggestions.
P.S.: Next week I will be on a workshop in Philly - so no work for a whole week.