Monday, June 13, 2016

HERMES Shuttle (1) - ATHENA Steampunk Airship (109)

Hi all,
thank you all for your feedback on the ATHENA :)
Unbelievable, but she's done - everything left is now Eye Candy. Whatever is not finished now won't hurt the ATHENA at all.

But I still have many ideas for the ATHENA.
The painters and welders on the ATHENA will be important to tell the story and make the paint-job better understandable. 
There are also the two golf players on the rear deck ;)
And as mentioned before I'm looking at a shuttle/reception scene for the landing deck.
I already have some characters sculpted for this:

So the idea now is to have s shuttle on the landing deck.
The shuttle transported an important passenger - I'm thinking of a female Consul or Ambassador or a High General - and a reception party is waiting for her to exit the shuttle...
maybe with a piper?

So I drew out some plans.
Maybe you can see the first images on the right, were leaning towards my old THANTALOS Airborne Carrier (Dec 2007)
But I'm also trying to incorporate the newer PONOS family looks into the design.
Still bulky, brutal and retro.
Lets see if it works.

The job of the HERMES is similar to the old Sikorsky Sky Crane

Which could also carry a personnel pod/container.

So I started with the passenger pod.
With doors at the side
As usual a lot of Green Putty is needed :)
And here's the basic body of the HERMES already on top of the pod.
Needs putty.
Initially I had planned to do a visible cockpit like I had on the THANTALOS,
but the windows will be way too small and narrow. So it will be painted windows instead.
Next I worked on some of the thrusters.
Which are mounted on the underside.
After an extended sanding session the basic body of the HERMES looks very much like I intended.
Then some more thruster works for the "wings".
And a first layout plan for the passenger pod.
Maybe you can see that the VIP pod will have a large throne like seat at the left -centered to the rear wall - with two consultants seat next to the door, and then 4-6 bodyguard seats along the right center line.
Well, that's the plan ;)

So, what do you think?