Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Gothica (2)

Hi all,
thank you for your feedback - it means a lot to me.

Speaking of feedback - on DakkaDakka it was pointed out that the weapon was probably too long and the shaft too thin.
I based the size on the original spear
But the new weapon has a bigger and heavier blade, so I cut the shaft shorter.
and started with the arm and shoulder armor.
Then I added ornaments to the shaft, making it thicker at the same time.
Looks better now (Thank you Anvildude)
obviously the lower part got the ornaments too.
Another armor section for the upper arm.
While the shoulder armor cured I added a new seam to the coat on the finished side.
Then the final shoulder section.
And the next evening I added a new seam and folds to the other side of the coat
Close to finished. I'll add a new ornament/medallion for the coat
So this is as far as I got.
What do you think?