Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Allayah & Barduch (8)

Hi all,
Thank you :)
@ Malevengion   - good question ;)
I think he's more of a companion than a mount, at least that was the initial idea and the original name "Hunting Beast" was supposed to project that idea. A companion and hunting buddy.

With Allayah mostly done I started to sculpt the Fire-Lizards.
There will be three of them - two on the ground.
The one in the foreground will be looking under something - maybe a rotten banner?
The basic body is sculpted from SuperSclupey
I added the first muscles on this one.
I'm a bit unsure on the final look - they are different than the Fire-Lizard form "The Princess".
So instead of finishing the body and head first I started to work on the wings.
Here's the basic wire frame for the wings.
I hope it will look good when it has its wings spread while on Allayah's arm.
The wire coated with SuperSculpey.
Both wings.
I'm still a bit unsure about the final position for the wings.
Any ideas or suggestions?
I also started to sculpt the first two heads.
But are still missing the lower jaws.

So what to you think?
How are the wings?
I look forward to your feedback.