Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Allayah & Barduch (9)

Hi all,

I made little progress since the last update.
Mainly because I spent the weekend at Massive Voodoo's Beginner Workshop in Heidelberg.
It was a great workshop with lots of inspiration and new ideas. Got to know a lot of new people in my region.

Nevertheless there is progress :)
I started sculpting the feet for the little Fire-Lizard on Allayah's arm.
And the second Fire-Lizard on the ground got his first muscles.
I took the opportunity to discuss scene with Roman on the workshop, who provided me with a lot of tips and ideas. 
I now have a pretty good idea of the atmospheric setting and primary color setting.
During transport Barduch suffered some injuries.
But these were fixed quickly on Monday.
I also reworked the wing position on the first Fire-Lizard. I think this is now good.
The chat with Roman also made me rethink some details of the scene.
As a result Barduch lost his head :)
Well, actually the neck.
In the old position most of his face was lost, so I decided to reposition the neck and head.
This is a lot better now.
So I started to build up the new neckline. 
After masking tape I added Milliput (standard) to build up the mass.
I couldn't used SuperSculpey as Barduch won't fit the oven any longer.
On Tuesday, after the standard Miliput was cured, I started to sculpt the details using Fine Miliput.
I also used thinned Milliput smoothing some more of the skin areas.
I'm now quite happy with Barduch and the scene.
I still want to change some minor things on the base and add some more stuff, to integrate the two Fire-Lizards on the ground better.

And of course I still need to complete the Fire-Lizards. That'll take a few days I'm afraid.

Oh yeah! I made up my mind on the hairstyle!
No hair :)
She'll stay as she is, bald.

So, what do you think?
I look forward to your feedback and comments.