Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Erebus - a new tank (5)

Hi all,
thank you for your comments and feedback :)

Continued from last time I began to create the various lights and sights. For this I have a collection of balls - from left-over GreenStuff - which I then match to the fitting plastic rods, cut to the proper size.
Here are the first lights and sights mounted.
Changes the look quite a lot.
Next I created some "RPG-Grills" to protect the rear tracks.
Again the trick was to keep the sides removable.
Next I created the smoke launchers.
And then I built a machine-gun.
A bit Russian style
and all scratch-built.
Then I added tie-downs and hooks.
Rear lights
and handle for the rear door
plus steps for the crew
With my trusted Chopper I cut pieces for the vision ports
and installed them.
The two vision ports visible here on the rear left are later removed, as this is the engine area - and no one will be using them there ;)
With most of the exterior done (yes, I know, tons of rivets are still missing), I started to build the slide-out interior
On the left is the engine section and in the center the blast wall and door to the turret basket.
To flesh things out, I added a weapons rack, with a little Flamethrower, two assault rifles and two AT-tubes :)
And this is how it would look...
Not much to see...
But we all know it is there, right?
Well, I'm not really sure how much time I will spend on the interior, if so little is to see...