Thursday, January 25, 2018

Gothica (6)

Hi all,
in the last update all that was left was pretty much the face.
I was thinking of adding a kind of a tear-ish black make-up around her eyes.
I thought it could emphasize the vampiric look.
But before the make-up had to come the actual face :)
The first try looked kind of messy
The second try was a bit smoother
the eyes began to glow
But it was really hard to get convincing shadows and smooth transitions
This is where I stopped
I think she looks good
And the light situation is convincing
To get a little distance I looked into plinths.
I ordered 4 different ones from Ulrich "Der Zwerg vom Nettenscheid" - aka
They look really great - even though only 2 will fit the Gothica
The first one is the ordinary cube
and the second is this wonderful piece of wood
 It would look well in the display cabinet
Since I felt it was too bright (and distracting) I gave it some black washes
So what do you think?
I look forward to your Feedback and suggestions.