Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Ice Warriors (3)

Hi all,

first off I need to apologize for the delay, but I had the flu. It was pretty bad with high fever and stuff, so I was bed bound for a few days.

Now I'm back and it's time to get you the final images for the "Ice Warriors".
Well, last time I was still struggling with the bad images. Once reason definitely was caused by the background - thank you Candace for pointing it out, I completely missed it - and a faulty setting in the focus menu.

So here are some better images :)
The red armour is now better visible.
And it looked quite nice in the scene at that point.
Once I was pleased with the armour I decide to give the shoulders some ornaments.
I used the stylized dragon again.
It's very simple,
but in NMM (Non-Metallic-Metal) and with a slight 3D effect
the result is quite nice, isn't it?
It's nice to see the things come together.
So I cleaned up the rest of the model, 
added the blue flame effect to the sword
And that's pretty much it :)
And here are some final shots in front of the black background and in the light box.
Again with the blacklight
I hope you liked this little project.
It was nice to experience a project that was triggered by the plinth instead of a story.