Wednesday, June 20, 2018

In the Dragons Den (4)

Hi all,

so I decided to take on the Steampunk theme and our little heroine - Tomb Raider much? - received the appropriate clothes.

And accessories
With boots and belt
and doo-dads 😀
Too bad, most of this won't be visible ...
Next she received a "power-pack" and a lantern.
I think the lantern does meet the Steampunk theme - don't you?
And a special rapier - with cog and power cable...
I'm pretty pleased with her - boots still to do...
So I decided to give the Steampunk dragon, clockwork dragon a try.
This is the bare skeleton
Here you can see the "heart" of the dragon as well as the feet.
The first feet mounted
And pretty much in the planned position.
To flesh it out, I cut some "ribs"
And tried to mount metal scales...
Naw, that didn't work...
The scales are too thick and big
So I gave it another try covering it with thin plastic card
But this isn't looking convincing either.

I had an idea last night that I will try tonight. But if you have any ideas or suggestions that you want to share - I'm all open :)