Thursday, February 21, 2019

Monster Rider (2)

Hi all,

well after looking up some reference material I realized a birds leg would be to spindly and fragile for the Monster.

So a dragon-style leg it is.
Once pleased with the shape I applied the dragon skin surface
It is a rather large front paw
But in the overall appearance it will balance out.
I've been asked what I use for the dragon skin pattern.
I have a set of hexagon rods into which I drilled small indentations with the hand drill. When I press these into the sculpey it creates a nice reptile skin pattern.
Looking at the overall appearance again, I decided to beef up the right thigh some more and give it a bit more mass
As Anvildude on DakkaDakka pointed out, the stinger of a scorpion is not pointed down, but rather forward. So I reshaped the stinger.
Last night I sculpted the left hand, propped up against a pillar
I modeled the appearance to look like sick, wild flesh
And since I had nothing better to do with the evening (LIE!) I experimented with some extra scales
Each is formed individually - but I think this was worth it.
With this most of the creatures body is done
Still have to do the abdomen and neck, and of course the head
I'm still tempted to try an aggressive looking human head...