Monday, October 1, 2007

Containers Pt 1

Well, I was finally able to start with the Orbital landing Conatiners.

Here you can see the size of the container floors in comparison to the Greci vehicles.

As you can see, a normal Chimera is quite wider than the Greci, but could be fit on the floor space (but since I plan some extras in the container, the final container won't be able to accomondate a Chimera.

Here's the basic supporting structure for the base floor, with a Kratos and a Kairos.

Here you can see the upper floor mounted. As you can see, there is a square opening for a ladder, a round opening that will accomondate a "fire department pole" for quick descent, and the big opening, that will take the ramp.

Here's the ramp. I covered it with sandpaper, to simulate the tarmac to cover the ramp.

This is a upside-down pic, so you can see the hinge I did for the ramp.

And these will be the pistons used to lower and elevate the ramp.

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