Monday, October 15, 2007

Ponos - Heavy Weapons Carrier

Here is the latest Greci vehicle, the Ponos Heavy Weapons Carrier.
It is based on the very small Kairos vehicle.

With this layout it will ba able to carry 6 seated soldiers plus driver plus commander/Gunner in a standing position and one heavy weapon.
Here you can see the driverseat before it is mounted in its final position.
To show my airmobile regiments flexibility and rapid deployment capacities, I decided to design a new heavy weapons carriage (similar to the DKOK mounts) with wheels.
The mount can accomondate a lasercanon, a autocanon, or a heavy bolter.
I created a "closed" mount with the legs folded, and below a "open" mount, in firing position, with the legs supporting to the side.
Here is the final mount in traveling position,
and here with a heavy bolter in the foreground, and a autocanon in firing position in the background.

To save some space in the vehicle, the gun is also rotated to the rear, when transported in the vehicle.
Here you can see the preperations and building process for the pintle mount of the machinegun.
To fit the pintle, I had to give the machinegun the mounting pin from a normal heavy weapon.
But now it is freely rotatable on the turret ring.
Next I mounted the rear ramp.
It has a "slip safe" meshing on the plate and two guides on the side.
Next were vison blocks, lights ect.
and finally the tracks and rivets.
Nice littel bugger, isn't it?

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