Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Skulls - quick and dirty

In regards to the skulls, they're really easily done, and I hope you won't be disappointed when I share you how easily they're done.
As I said previously, the are not very realistic or detailed, just "paint for effect"...

So, really easy..Start with the outline, then a triangle for the eybrows (3), fill it, a turned triangle for the nose (5), and some filling to smoothen everything...easy as cake. Then do 3 in a line, so you get the feeling for the gaps, and start with the next column (9) and within a heartbeat you have a nice group of skulls (13).Now some highlights with Shining Gold (14) and that's it.
Quick and dirty paint for effect

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  1. Sorry, aber das geht jetzt so net auf Englisch..einfach superschöne Bemalung. Tolle Details..ein wahnsinnig gut gelunger Tank. Vielleicht eine Festung des Kommissariats ?

    SUPER !!!