Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nighthawk (9)

Hello everyone,
thanks for your comments and suggestions on the smoke issue for an image.
I will try it with Photoshop first, and if I can't get a decent result with it, I'll try some of the other suggestions, like cotton, dry ice, water vaporizer ect.

After the last update one user in the WIP forum pointed out that the original platform for the STRIX was too small (too narrow), now that the armament is attached to the wings.
So I decided to build a new elevator for the scene.

It now looks like an elevator on the outside of the "ship" - be that a real ship or an airship aircraft carrier.

Here you can see some first details I added.

Now the STRIX, navigator, and pilot have their new positions.

And this is the image I'd like to take with the smoke (once everything is completed).

More details to the ships front.

Next I masked off the cockpit and prepped everything for priming.

And here is the crew, ready for painting :)

I hope you like it.

Thanks for reading, C&C welcome.