Friday, April 8, 2011

Kill Shot

Hello my fellow readers, despite the excellent weather I had some time to work on the "Kill Shot". However, my first actions weren't very sucessfull, actually they were almost desasterous... While painting, I droped the mini, and then ran over it with the chair, breaking the leg at one of the pinned connections...
After I glued it back on, the shining areas from the glue were quite obvious and I had to cover the areas back up and re-paint them.
Luckily the paints were still in good shape on the wet palette, so that went rather fast.
Then I started to add some lighting effects to the power cable.

And some OSL effects around it.

It's a bit hard to see, but I'm very pleased with the result.
Then I started to work on the Muzzle Flash.

The first color was Blazing Orange,
Then (while the Orange was still wet) I added a 1:1 mix of Golden Yellow and Blazing Orange.
After that some pure Golden Yellow (also while the other colors were still wet).
Next was a 1:1 mix of Sunburst and Golden Yellow.
Then pure Sunburst Yellow.
And finally a 1:1 mix of Skull White and Sunburst Yellow, plus some OSL shine effects on the Bolter and scope.
On the diorama I also added some OSL shine effects to the ground and the wall.
There are still some details to do and pigments to add, but the main work is done. The contest deadline is on the 22nd, so I have plenty of time to finish it all up :) I hope you like it.