Tuesday, June 12, 2012

ATHENA - Steampunk airship (82)

Hey guys,
thanks for your feedback.
First some housekeeping from my side. I have been very slow on replying to comments and I appologize.
Your feedback on the Hydra positions was valuable and important, and I really, really appreciate it - keep it coming. Even if I may not be able to implement them immediately, they usually spark some other trains of thought :)

@Stephen Smith - welcome! I'm glad you found the DG blog and I hope you will become a frequent visitor. Currently the ATHENA is about 1meter long (well 98cm to be precise).
Right now I have no plans, other than to complete her, get some LED lights inside and then paint her :)

@Fuzzbuket - I hear ya! My first plasticard adventures were pure desasters. The learning curve is really extreme. My first "conversion" was a kit-bash of an old WWII panzer 38 into a Basilisk....Holy Moe! I still shudder when I see it - it's buried deeeeeeeep in a box :)
But don't give up :)

@Jeremy Webb - well, those two stubby wings will eventually hold rotatable engines with rotors. These can be used for forward propulsion but also for altitude changes :)

@Roncarlin2002 - Thanks for the image. I think todays update will be to your taste :)

Now that the mural is in place, but the upper part of the superstructure not glued on, I decided to build some guides to better hold the pieces together.

Now the upper superstructure slides in place,

without being permanently attached (giving me the option to add LED lights later on). I also closed the sides of the rear superstructure and added ornaments and portholes.

Next I started to build two new autocannons for the upper deck.

Above you can see an old autocannon I built for the ZEUS diorama, and the two new builds WIP.

Almost completed

and the final AC's.

They even fit on a regular IG tripod.

I will position them up here.

For this I built two railings onto which I can mount the AC's.

Currently I have them at the corner,

but I think I will re-position them a bit more forward, so than can be rotated better.

I also added 4 hatches.

And the current status.

Here you can see the Nemesis CIWS in position.

The only thing nagging me now, is the size and look of the Nemesis.

I think she's a real beauty, but somehow she feels too clumsy with the new outline of the superstructure...she was looking a lot better with the old carrier island.

What do you think?