Thursday, June 14, 2012

Got a light?

Another short update today :)

Yesterday I recieved my LED "Starter Kit" from TSDS (!/pages/TSDS/116943975056112 - )
This LED Lighting Strips Complete Basic Kit consists of a 9v battery connector, two solder-less connectors and two 6" strips of LED lights for 10.99$

Instructions are really simple.
You can cut these stips into smaller sections of 4 LED and either use the solder-less connectors or solder the connections yourself.

So I decided to do a first test with two small sections of 4 LED each.

The first section is to light the Mural of the rear hangar. For this I cut a stip open into the rear wall and mounted the LED section.

And connected with the battery, it looks like this.

I mounted the other section of 4 LED in the roof of the rear Jump Deck.


Really not bad.
I think this can work, but I will need to change some things:

  • Light the rear hangar mural across its entire length

  • Add a second light strip at the bottom of the mural, so lighting is more evenly

  • For the 2 Jump Decks I will continue with 4 LED sections

  • For the Observation Deck I will most likely 2 sections - 1 at each end.

  • Make a seperate light circuit for the Command Deck (one long strip for the bridge" and 2 small strips for the conference room

For this I odered some more parts.
So this was a first test, successfull in my opinion, and until all other parts are here, I will continue with the actual build of the ATHENA.

Not sure what will be next though. Either finishing up the Earthshaker turret, or re-visiting the NEMESIS CIWS, or some railing, or, or, or... :)
Thank you for your time and I hope you liked todays update.
C&C welcome