Monday, October 8, 2012


Hey guys,

While in between projects (more further down*) I'm in contact with a "3rd party" manufacturer based in UK (small, independend, relatively new), looking into the creation of a multi-piece resin kit for a PONOS and a small version of the HERCULES.
The idea is that both vehicles use the same track section.
While the PONOS could be done pretty identical to its current version, the HERC will be a complete new design.
So here's your chance to influence the project!
A) would you be interested in such a kit?
B) what would be your "threshold" for the price?
C) any improvements you'd like to suggest for the PONOS?

Since there's a lot of resin involved, I will try to shrink the PONOS by about 10% - not much really - and instead of solid blocks it will rather be many pieces and open sections.
For the track sections I will try to have Sponsons build (either only for the tank, or for both vehicles), the tracks itself will be a re-build, without the GW-Skulls and Aquila's but rather new, unique insignia.
The tank will be renamed AKTROS and will shrink down considerably. It will no longer be a heavy, but rather a medium tank. It will still have the sponsons, probably still both hull mounted weapon stations (currently Bolter), and a completely new turret.

So, what do you think?
Please comment and suggest! I look forward to your feedback.

*New project?
Yeah :)
After the completion of the SSD diorama I was doing some non-hobby stuff for my family. During this I had an idea that would best work with the title "Tomb Raider" - but not in the direction of Necrons - or "Indiana Jones".
The currenty (still very fuzzy idea) involves an old, hidden temple in the jungle, probably at night, or in a cave, a troop of IG soldiers, maybe accompanied by a Terminator or a Dread, lots of Flashlights and a surprise attack by some Nids.
In a nutshell, more OSL, more cinematic effects :)

Please use the Disqus comment function to provide me with feedback, suggestiosn, ideas on the PONOS and AKTROS.