Monday, October 22, 2012

Tomb Raiders (5) Operation “Ultima Preces”

Today only a small fluff update on the diorama setting for Tomb Raiders:

The Legend of Ka’An and Operation “Ultima Preces”

It is believed that one of the key missions of the Officium –censored- (OX) is the rescue and collection of sacred items for the Emperor. Rumors indicate that the final goal of this treasure hunt is the resurrection and revival of the Emperors body, freeing him from the Golden Throne and enabling him to truly rule his empire and crushing his enemies with his strides.

A key instrument in this project seems to be the Space Marine chapter of the Crimson Guardians. Their Supreme Grand Master Geller is unrivaled in his loyalty to the Emperor and the OX and under his regime the chapter of the Crimson Guardians was forged into a ruthlessly effective fighting machine combined with the best researchers and archeologists of the whole Imperium. Their success in discovering and recovering some of the most valued and venerated items seems to be beyond belief. Chief Librarian Zastavus who has access to even the darkest and most secret archives on Terra and Mars, as well as the chapters own secret archives on –censored- which are rumored to rival even the Inquisitions secret archives is captivated by the legend of Ka’An and follows its implementation with complete single-mindedness.

According to this legend he who can gather the 13 sacred items of the Ka’An and can combine them in a complicated rite of utter complexity will gain the power to heal and revive any corpus, be it merely human or even divine, and bring it eternal youth and vitality.

So he and the Supreme Grand Master send their companies on the hunt for these items time and again.

No exact reports are known outside the Officium –censored- and the chapter’s headquarters, but it is believed that the Crimson Guardians are rather successful and more than half the items are recovered and safely harbored on –censored-.

Recent events and encounters seem to indicate that at least one other race is aware of the legend of Ka’An and also seeks to rein its power. If these rumors are to be believed then the Silent King himself ordered a large group of his Triarch Praetorians to hunt for the 13 items of Ka’an. For him, the Silent King, the completion of the ritual would grant him the power to free his people from the C’tan curse and while maintaining their eternal lives they would regain their souls and become the real Necrontyr again.

So the treasure hunt of the Officium –censored- has now become a race with Szarekh and his Praetorians and maybe even with the C’tan, hoping to be freed from their shards. Chief Librarian Zastavus has called his forces to Operation “Ultima Preces” in which they are to find the remaining artifacts at even greater speed.

Latest reports indicate that a large contingent of Crimson Guardians under Captain Erbas has landed at Corellian Base on Tiber together with a company of Sisters of the Golden Bolter. Maybe here, where a once large Imperial sanctuary was located, the Crimson Guardians can find the sacred Chalice of Lord Mathias von Schultz, one of the few remaining items of the legend of Ka’An.

But will they find it in time…?

I know there will be plenty of logical gaps and holes larger than a barn door, but I hope you like it anyhow :)
Cheers Klaus