Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Raid on Port Corinth (2)

Hi all,

Since the last update I completed all characters, like the two Sappers hauling the demo charge.

Or the additional defending Ork, climbing over some of the piping,

or the two Ork causalities.

Then I poured another round of GW Water Effect (and crossed my fingers that everything was tight this time).

While the Water Effect cured, I did a lot of Greenstuff to fill gaps and smooth en transitions.

It took longer than the described 24 hours for the Water Effect to cure (and after 48 hrs it is still sensitive to finger prints)

The IG troopers received re-breathers and backpacks with air-filters

Then muzzle flashes!

And I added connecting hoses between the re-breathers and the air-filters.


And then it was time to prepare everybody for priming :)

I started with the base for painting.
The stones received a dirty, rotten greenish grey, the piping area some dirty, dark rusty color and the lava was based with a dark red.

(I've described the lava painting in the "HERCULES" as well as the "ORKALYPSE" posts in more detail).

I'm relatively disappointed of the GW Water Effects - after more than 36 hours it seems to still not completely cured....


But other than that, the lava comes together nicely...




the hottest :)


I think I will start with the boat next.

Since it isn't on sea, but rather underground and on lava I plan an giving it the standard Dencara Tiger Flash pattern.
What do you think?