Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Raid on Port Corinth (3)

Hi guys,
starting with Atreides127 here and others in the forums, many of you raised concern about the planned paint scheme.
Thanks for this very important and valuable input!
So I sent several hours yesterday afternoon (lazy day at work, but PSSST don't tell my boss) google'ing and researching camo and paint options, like these historical Schnellboot patterns.
But I have to admit, nothing was really convincing. Even a suggested (by SDKFZ) Space Shuttle black and white or some urban camo, didn't fit the situation.
After all, these 10 boats are specially crafted for this operation, built to navigate the lava and strike at the underground port facility.
But, also I wasn't really sure if the Tiger Flash would work either. So I gave it a first try by positioning the PONOS,
and the HERCULES on the lava board.
Not too bad.
The idea is to paint the forward heat tiles in Boltgun Metal, have the entire lower part of the hull be dark and blackened from the burns and soot, plus some heavy weaterhing, and add some reflected shine from the lava in the lower area.
IF I can pull this off, together with the relative darkness of the scene (it is underground), the light effects from the gun fire and the shine from the lava, THEN I think this will work.

If not, this will be one of my many uncompleted and abandoned projects :)

So I started with the hull in Terracotta
So far so good. 
Bridge and superstructure were next.
(some of you may realize I forgot the turret - I didn't)
Next were the wide tiger stripes with Ocre
and the inner stripes with Mahagony.
I finally realized that I forgot the turret, so I did that one too.....
When looking at this last picture, imagine now the Boltgun heat tiles, the soot and burn marks, plus the shine from the lava....
What do you think now?

Well, while cleaning the airbrush I broke the nozzle, so I have to see if I can fix it, or if I have to continue with my older, cheap model :(
Again, thanks for your feedback and suggestions!
This helps me to get better.